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Everyday life is varied and determines the requirements for your wheelchair for active use. But your personal preferences are crucial as well. Do you want a rigid frame? Or would you prefer a folding wheelchair? There is no right or wrong here, since you alone decide. You value a compact folded size and numerous setting options? Then our folding wheelchairs are made for you. You prefer a compact design with very high frame stiffness? Then you will appreciate our rigid-frame wheelchairs.

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Voyager Evo

With the Voyager Evo, you choose the material used to make your product. The material choices include aluminium, carbon, titanium and magnesium; custom factory-produced designs are possible as well.



Reliable, sturdy and custom-made: The Ventus is a robust rigid-frame wheelchair with a minimalist frame design, appealing in its versatility.


Avantgarde CV

Variable and flexible, the Avantgarde CV model offers maximum adjustment possibilities. The broad selection of options provides an optimum configuration – even for high requirements.