ePaso 3

Benefits at a glance

Direct view of the axle

Having the axle in direct view always lets you assess how wide the bike is and whether it fits past an obstacle.

Electric support

Powerful 250-watt motors support you at speeds up to 18 km/h with a range of 30 to 60 km depending on output. Four different speed levels offer the possibility of adjusting the required support to your own abilities. During a bike tour, the battery can be fully charged in just three hours.

Feeling safe

Three wheels result in added safety while riding. Especially in the case of balance disorders, the ePaso 3 makes you feel safe.

Good visibility at all times

Thanks to standard LED lighting, you always maintain a good view even when visibility is poor.

Technical details

Always informed

The display on the onboard computer always keeps you informed of the current status.


The Shimano shifter is standard equipment and makes changing gears a breeze.

Technical information

Technical data  
Step-through height Approx. 320 mm
Maximum load capacity 100 kg
Net weight Approx. 30 kg*
Range Approx. 60 km in eco-mode
Motor power 250 W
Motor support Up to 18 km/h

* The weight specifications vary according to the selection of options.


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