Handbikes for sport and recreation

Dynamically challenging with sporty support

Dare to try!

You are an active wheelchair user who has been searching for an extra kick for some time? You would like to feel the wind in your face and the quickening of your pulse again? Then it may be time to rise to a special challenge. Expand your personal horizons with the attractive aMano 3R recreational handbike, helping you safely rediscover mobility.

Next to the manual version powered by a hand crank, the adjustable handbike is also available with electric support. The eMano handbike with the powerful Bosch electric drive provides you with support for even more enjoyable recreation.

Manually powered or equipped with the electric drive for added support – the time has come to redefine your limits.

Electric drive

The Bosch electric drive is programmed especially for hand crank operation. It provides powerful support immediately when pedalling, making it easy to start off, even on hills.

Full Stop

With the three hydraulic Tektro disc brakes, you need less force in order to reliably stop the handbike, even during off-road use. So you are always safe on the go.

Well positioned

The seating unit can be shifted in various lengthwise positions. What's more, the back angle is continuously adjustable so that you can adapt your handbike precisely to your needs. The special tube structure is ideal for supporting you, making it easy to get on and off.

Safe posture

The lengthwise adjustable legrests with hook-and-loop straps that can be positioned as desired provide you with the required safety to tackle any terrain with the bike.


Even under load, the optional Di2 transmission ensures that gears are changed with only a quick push of a button.

For long trips

The battery is designed for very long distances and supports you even on extended trips up to 60 km.

The battery can be charged within 2 hours, for example during a hearty meal, getting it ready for the next leg of your tour.

Benefits at a glance

Travelling together

This is inclusion: a joint bike tour on the road or off-road.


Mountains lose their terror with the electric support of the eMano 3, even for untrained handbikers.

Condition training

Endurance sports demand fitness and wellbeing. With the right handbike, the initial 5 km quickly turn into 50. Thanks to support from the electric drive, training in the optimum pulse range is also ensured at all times.

Overcome boundaries

With the manual aMano 3R handbike and the eMano handbike with electric support, yesterday's limits become today's challenges.

Technical details


The Shimano shifter is standard equipment and allows you to change gears in comfort.


The Intuvia display on the eMano always keeps you informed of the current status. Your range, kilometres travelled, battery charge level or driving mode; the central display tells you everything. You can even use it to operate the lights on your handbike.

A matter of settings

The height of the crank end can be preconfigured in various positions, so that you can enjoy an ergonomic crank position for relaxed, long-term riding pleasure.

Everything on board

The luggage box mounted on the back of the handbike with a click mechanism provides space for useful items you want to take along on your tour.

Technical information

Technical data  
Max. total weight 130 kg
Net weight aMano 3R Approx. 25 kg*
Net weight eMano 3R/3S Approx. 35 kg*
Seat width 420 mm
Back width 370 mm
Backrest height 570 mm
Range eMano 3R/3S max. 600 mm
Ground clearance 160 mm

* The weight specifications vary according to the selection of options.


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  • Are the handbikes reimbursable?

    No. Handbikes are not considered medical devices, but rather sports equipment, and as such they are not covered by paying parties.


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