Leisure and play time with the KidWalk

Independently discovering the world

KidWalk – discovering even more of the world

Children playfully conquer their world. Thanks to their healthy curiosity, the very young approach novelty without inhibition. Mobility is essential for playful learning, social integration and also physical development.

The Kidwalk dynamic walking aid allows children with severe disabilities to live out their exploratory spirit, play with other children and move about without the help of others. Not only does the Kidwalk provide stable pelvis and trunk support, it also permits walking with a largely natural gait pattern – at eye level with other children.

The concept of the walking aid is based on the normal motor development of a child. Early walking is also essential for the child's physical development: Delayed or faulty development can seriously impair the ability to walk later – or even prevent the proper formation of the bone structure (in this case especially the hips). This is why the KidWalk supports and accompanies your child during its very first steps in our exciting world.

Drive wheels

The large drive wheels make it possible for your child to move about with arm support as well.

Protection against tilting

The adaptable protection wheels keep your child from tilting.

Dynamic weight relief

Dynamic weight relief by means of a spring makes it possible to work on balance and motor movements during therapy. The durable and robust material is also suitable for children with defined motion patterns.

Continuous height adjustment

With the adapter column, you can continuously adjust the height and angle of the dynamic positioning unit.

Stable thorax and pelvic pads

The thorax and pelvic pads provide stable support for your child. They can be flipped up for getting in and out easily.

What's special about me

Free motion

Thanks to stable support for the pelvis and trunk, your child can move freely and at eye level with others.

Dynamic positioning unit

The dynamic positioning unit supports the development of a natural gait pattern.

Technical information

Technical data Size 1 Size 2
Approx. age 1–7 years 5–12 years
Max. user weight 30 kg 40 kg
Seat height – inside leg length 279–550 mm 375–700 mm
Hip width 140–235 mm 180–290 mm
Trunk width 165–255 mm 220–370 mm
Armpit height 245–410 mm 300–560 mm
Trunk depth, standard 102–165 mm 140–216 mm
Hip depth, standard 89–152 mm 127–178 mm
Frame width 600 mm 688 mm
Frame length 675 mm 800 mm
Adapter column height 825 mm 930 mm
Overall length 825–875 mm 900–950 mm
Adapter column height 825 mm 930 mm
Overall length 825–875 mm 900–950 mm
Wheels 500 mm (20“) 600 mm (24“)
Casters 100 mm 125 mm



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