Personal hygiene and bathing with the Leckey Bath Support

Into the tub

Straightforward hygiene with the Leckey Bath and Shower Support

Washing, showering and bathing are not only important for hygiene but also strengthen the bond between parent and child. Many children particularly enjoy attention in their favourite element, the water. This makes it all the more enjoyable when you as the parent can focus all your senses on your child and washing is part of a relaxing end to the day.

The Leckey Shower and Bath Support makes life easier for you (and your child). Your child lies in a safe, elevated position in the bathtub or shower. This means you can focus fully on hygiene and communication with your child. You will be surprised how much more readily your child accepts the evening ritual.

The Leckey Shower and Bath Support is available in four sizes for children and youths up to 72 kg. It consists of a multifunctional adjustable frame and a special chassis for the shower. Made of robust materials, it is individually adjustable in a few steps, foldable and requires surprisingly little storage space.

Should you nevertheless require relief for your back, we offer a mechanical tub lift with the Hubfix.

Flexible calf support

Sitting or lying down, upright or only half upright? The calf support can be adjusted to four different positions, depending on your requirements.

Lap belt for secure support

You can adjust the lap belt precisely so your child has optimum support.

Safely supported by the chest belt

The chest belt can be adapted to the size of your child. It is positioned across the side so your child is safely supported at all times.

Washable cover

Naturally, the cover is removable and machine-washable at 60°C.

What's special about me

Backrest for sitting or lying down

With the Leckey shower and bathing support, you can wash your child sitting or lying down: The backrest is continuously adjustable, up or down (at an angle of 0 to 90°).

Other application possibilities

Using the Leckey bathing support is not limited to showering and bathing. It can also be used for temporary positioning when you are out and about, at a picnic in nature or the garden.

Adjustable chassis

The frame is height-adjustable. Thanks to individual adjustment, the shower and bathing support can be adapted to current conditions and needs.

Shower chassis

With the shower chassis, you can easily wash your child in the shower.

Technical Information

Bathing support technical data Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Approx. age 1–5 years 4–9 years 8–14 years 12–18 years
Body height 75–105 cm 95–125 cm 115–145 cm 135–165 cm
Max. user weight 72 kg 72 kg 72 kg 72 kg
Seat depth 225 mm 275 mm 335 mm 400 mm
Seat height 50–425 mm 50–425 mm 50–425 mm 50–425 mm
Overall width 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm
Headrest 150 mm 150 mm 215 mm 215 mm
Back support 350 mm 400 mm 460 mm 550 mm



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