Start M3 Hemi

The lightweight wheelchair for hemiplegia

Benefits at a glance

Make everyday life easier

A broad range of equipment options makes life with a one-sided paralysis easier. With this wheelchair, everything was considered in order to make everyday life easier while simultaneously promoting movements, such as using the feet. Equipment examples include the wider foot space, channel forearm supports and one-hand operation.

Forward with the feet

Thanks to the low seat height, you can reach the floor easily and move the wheelchair with your feet – especially with the sound foot and as training for the affected foot. The foot space was also made larger – for even more freedom of movement.

A handle on everything

Your wheelchair should be easy to transport. That is why the Start M3 Hemi can be folded in just a few steps. You end up with a slim piece of luggage!


A wheelchair developed especially for one-sided paralysis

A one-sided functional disorder or paralysis is fairly common, especially after a stroke. Perception is often impaired as well. The arm hangs down, which pulls and causes additional strain on the shoulder joint.

This is why the Start M3 Hemi was developed especially for people with one-sided paralysis. It is designed to make you more mobile and able to structure your day-to-day life and leisure more independently and autonomously. The wider foot space with a low seat height is essential. It promotes moving about by toddling with the feet. Your strength is utilised optimally and improved through exercise. The footrests swing away and can be removed, which ensures they are not in the way during transfers in the bathroom or to other furniture. The rear wheels are installed in a passive position, which means they are set back far enough so that the wheelchair does not tip as easily. Stability is also improved by an anti-tipper and the easy to operate knee lever wheel lock, which you can add as options.

Other accessories include height-adjustable and swivelling arm supports as well as hand pads. These ensure optimum positioning of the inactive arm at all times. One-hand operation as an additional option allows you to control the wheelchair with the sound hand alone. This is made possible by a double push ring.

Technical Information

Characteristic Value
Load capacity 125 kg
Weight 15.5 kg and up
Seat width 38 – 50.5 cm
Seat depth 40 cm; 43 cm; 46 cm
Back height 40 – 47.5 cm
Seat height front 38 – 51 cm
rear 38 – 49 cm
Lower leg length 27 – 47 cm




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