Clinical Pictures in Neurorehabilitation

What's my diagnosis?

Nerves can be impaired due to various illnesses. You can only choose a medical device with your doctor or orthopaedic technician once the reasons for and extent of nerve impairment have been determined. Realising the best possible functionality of a medical device is the goal. Consulting with your doctor and knowing the cause of nerve damage are especially important here.


With modern medical devices, Ottobock pursues the goal of focusing more on rehabilitation that follows acute patient care.


Multiple Sclerosis

When MS patients suffer from spasticity, regular physical therapy (physiotherapy) and/or the use of medical devices such as orthoses is recommended.


Brain trauma

The extent to which brain trauma impairs body functions varies widely. Orthoses and functional electrical stimulation (FES) assist with rehabilitation in case of limited motor skills.


Incomplete spinal cord injury (ISC)

With incomplete spinal cord injury, part of the spinal cord is damaged. This leads to various types of paralysis depending on the level of the injury.