AeroLink hybrid liner

Vacuum without a sealing sleeve

Enhanced freedom of movement for the knee

Vacuum systems ensure that the leg prosthesis is securely connected to the residual limb. With the innovative AeroLink System, transtibial amputees have a vacuum system available to them that does not require a sealing sleeve which otherwise impairs movement in the area of the knee. Cycling, kneeling, crouching or sitting with the legs bent are possible in comfort with this system. Skin irritation is kept to a minimum as well. In addition to wearer comfort, the system sets itself apart with the discreet socket design so that the prosthesis is barely perceptible even under tightly fitting trousers.

Putting on the AeroLink system only requires three steps:

  1. Pull the AeroLink Hybrid liner over the residual limb and then slide into the inner socket.
  2. Fold the integrated vacuum flap over the edge of the inner socket, creating an airtight seal. Air remaining in the inner socket is discharged through a one-way valve integrated in the pin, creating a vacuum.
  3. Now slide into the outer socket and connect both sockets with the AeroLink Connector.

AeroLink Connector

The AeroLink Connector joins the inner socket to the outer socket with a pin. Here an integrated one-way valve generates a vacuum in the inner socket during the swing phase. The AeroLink Connector is also equipped with a hose connection for the quick and simple installation of the Harmony vacuum system, an alternative that can actively generate a vacuum in the inner socket.

AeroLink hybrid liner

This double-walled liner combines the strengths of two materials. The shock-absorbing properties of the polyurethane material used on the inside optimise pressure distribution in the socket, providing ideal protection for your residual limb. The silicone used on the outside is very robust, making the liner highly durable.

Outer socket

The outer socket is joined to the inner socket by the AeroLink Connector.

Pin with integrated exhaust valve

The one-way valve ejects air remaining in the inner socket, creating a vacuum in the swing phase.

ThermoLyn inner socket

The vacuum flap over of the AeroLink Hybrid liner is folded over the edge of the inner socket, creating an airtight seal for the system.

Benefits at a glance

Bending the knee

Situations and movements such as kneeling, cycling and sitting for long times or in confined spaces on an airplane or at the office require freedom of movement for the knee. Now the AeroLink system makes this possible.

Improved complexion

By folding over the liner's outer wall, the innovative hybrid liner assumes the function of the sealing sleeve which is therefore eliminated. This reduces skin irritation so that the complexion can improve. In combination with a lower course of the socket edge, this can reduce the occurrence of pressure points on the residual limb.

Discreet under clothing

Even under close-fitting trousers, the prosthesis is barely noticeable thanks to the slim design.

Secure support

The vacuum generated in the inner socket is distributed over the entire surface below the knee. This ensures that the prosthesis fits securely and you enjoy the best comfort.

Easy to put on

The components of the AeroLink system interlock easily, making the prosthesis quick and simple to put on. This quickly becomes part of your daily routine.

Technical information

Feature Value
Users with a transtibial prosthesis Residual limb length of at least 12 cm




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