C-Leg microprocessor-controlled knee joint

Mobility standards for more than 15 years

Benefits at a glance

Proven safety

Mobility was redefined around 15 years ago with the introduction of the C-Leg. Today the C-Leg is proven as the world's safest microprocessor-controlled knee joint. No other knee joint of this kind was tested and examined in a comparable number of studies.

Reliable stumble recovery

You can rely on the integrated stumble recovery of the C-Leg. Adjustments to the damping behaviour of the knee joint in critical situations where the user stumbles permit faster compensation with the sound leg. This avoids falling even more reliably.

Walking naturally

Thanks to mechanical and electronic adjustments, the C-Leg optimally regulates the swing phase. This allows you to come even closer to a natural gait pattern, with easier, smoother motion at the knee joint.

Forces and speeds are measured 50 times per second, with simultaneous calculations to determine the correct response. And the microprocessor regulates joint damping just as often. Automatically and in real time.

New freedom of movement

Walking down stairs, on slopes or on uneven surfaces – the C-Leg adjusts automatically. Physiological movements are easy on your body and you expend less energy while walking. Even stumbling, darkness or dense crowds no longer present insurmountable problems. The C-Leg is secured by the high level of resistance in the stance phase, and switches to the swing phase only when required.

Individual design

The C-Leg Protector provides protection in many everyday situations. Now you can also custom design it according to your tastes with just a few clicks. Ottobock has developed a free tool, which is available under www.ottobock.de/protector-design and helps you personalise your C-Leg.

Untroubled recreational sports

The functions of the joint are individually adaptable to your needs. 3 different modes are available to you for this purpose, making recreational activities such as inline skating, bicycling and cross-country skiing possible for you. You can easily change modes using the wireless remote control.



With the introduction of C-Leg technology in 1997, the full intelligent control of a prosthesis system – adaptable to the individual gait pattern – became possible for the first time. The prosthesis is controlled by microprocessor-based hydraulics that dynamically adapt the system to all walking speeds in real time. Reliably securing the stance phase is possible at the same time. This regulator mechanism is realised using a complex system of sensors. The sensors sample the load as well as the angle and angular velocity of the knee joint every 0.02 seconds. The knee joint always recognises the current phase in your gait cycle. You can move more easily without having to think about your prosthesis all the time. This allows the truly important things in life to take priority for you again.

Prosthesis training

After the fitting with a C-Leg, you want to be mobile as quickly as possible, benefit from the functionality of your new prosthesis and be well informed about the product. This is why Ottobock has developed gait training. The purpose of the exercises is to help you feel safe and gain confidence in using the C-Leg quickly. Topics such as “Living with an amputation” and “Technical information and functionality of the C-Leg” are illustrated in vivid videos with many practical examples. The gait training as such offers numerous suggestions and recommendations for performing individual exercises. Training units range from sitting down and getting up with the C-Leg to balance training to walking down stairs and ramps. As a C-Leg wearer, you can also continue performing these exercises at home after first practicing them in cooperation with a therapist or your orthopaedic technician.

Ideal prosthetic components


The prosthetic feet from the Triton family of products are suitable for active users. They are made of a set of flexible carbon springs. This design allows the foot to function as a flexible unit, which creates a particularly smooth rollover. Notwithstanding the system's ability to move, the Triton feet provide a consistently high level of stability when walking and especially when standing. Furthermore, the foot's special structure ensures a powerful transition to the swing phase and a highly variable stride length. At the same time, the split forefoot section gives the user the necessary control to deal with uneven ground and quick changes of direction. The Triton is extremely well suited for meeting the requirements of an active lifestyle. Thanks to its outstanding dynamic response and flexibility, it supports a broad range of applications from everyday use to recreational sports.

Triton Vertical Shock

The Triton Vertical Shock provides additional shock absorption. It adapts very well to uneven terrain (e.g. forest floor). The forces acting on the residual limb while walking are therefore reduced, providing noticeable relief for the user.

Triton Low Profile

The Triton Low Profile makes the excellent functionality of the Triton available even to users with limited space for the integration of a prosthetic foot.

Triton Heavy Duty

The Triton Heavy Duty is especially strong and robust. It features an adapter made of titanium. Non-corrosive metal parts make the foot water-resistant as well.

C-Leg compact

Ottobock developed the C-Leg compact so that less mobile users can reap the benefits of C-Leg technology as well. Development of the C-Leg compact focused on the especially high need for safety of these users. According to the state-of-the-art, it offers the most effective protection against falling and results in significantly greater confidence – even in insecure everyday situations. The standing and locking function, which you can activate easily by remote control, ensures stable and comfortable standing. You stand safely on two legs. C-Leg compact wearers can walk with confidence, even on rough terrain. Stairs and ramps no longer constitute insurmountable obstacles either. But the best thing is that walking becomes a matter of course again. You no longer have to concentrate on the next step, but can be heartened and try more things. That boosts your self-confidence and reopens new possibilities in life for you.



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