Triton prosthetic feet

For an active life!

The benefits at a glance

Absorbing impacts

When you step down with the heel of the Triton while walking, the spring travel of the prosthetic foot is sufficient for good shock absorption. This relieves strain on your joints and back.

Walk harmoniously

The energy stored by the system at heel strike is gradually released in the gait phase. Your rollover is effortless and your gait pattern natural and harmonious.

Harmonious standing

The Triton's interconnected spring system is flexible. Notwithstanding its mobility, the foot's response to shifts in body weight is virtually neutral. Your stance is stable and relaxed.

Variable stride length

Short and rapid steps or a long stride: The forefoot section is segmented and the load-bearing length of the foot extended into the big toe. You benefit from a powerful transition to the swing phase and are able to vary your strides – just as it suits you.

Fast direction changes

The split forefoot section provides the required control, also on uneven terrain – for example on cobblestone streets in the city or in the forest. Even sudden changes in direction, which are often needed during sports, are no problem with the Triton prosthetic feet.

Sports and everyday life

Fast changes in direction when playing tennis, high jumps at the basketball hoop, hiking on uneven trails, a sprint to catch the bus or standing for long periods of time at work: The Triton is ideal for many different everyday situations and also for sports activities.

Separate big toe

Naturally you want to wear nice shoes, even with the prosthesis, and not have your selection excessively restricted. That is why all footshells for the Triton prosthetic feet have an abducted big toe, so that you can wear fashionable flip-flops in summer or at the pool. In addition to the normal shape, the footshell is also available in a slim version suitable for higher heels.

Individual selection

Do you do a lot of sports, or do you need a waterproof or highly robust foot for your activities? There are a total of five different Triton prosthetic feet – suitable for your personal requirements. Ask your orthopaedic technician about the Triton foot that is right for you.


The Triton family of products

In addition to the basic version of the Triton, other high-quality prosthetic feet are available with the Triton Vertical Shock, Triton Harmony, Triton Low Profile and Triton Heavy Duty. All of them have the fundamental design of the Triton. However, their functionality meets specific requirements of different users.


The objective of a good prosthetic foot is to produce the most natural possible gait pattern. Here what is known as the foot's rollover function plays a central role. The gentler the rollover of the prosthetic foot, the smoother the wearer's gait pattern. Thanks to its unique design, the Triton not only offers you precisely this characteristic but also provides stability, safety and good control on uneven surfaces – with excellent wearer comfort.

Triton Vertical Shock

The Triton Vertical Shock offers additional shock absorption for you. The forces acting on the residual limb while walking, running and especially during intense sports activities are noticeably reduced. Therefore the foot provides you with reliable support, even under extreme loads.

Triton Harmony

Like the Vertical Shock, the Triton Harmony provides additional shock absorption. With the Harmony, it also features an active vacuum system that improves adhesion between the residual limb and the prosthesis. This close connection results in improved proprioception and an additional plus in safety for any situation. The Harmony system helps stabilise the residual limb volume as well.

Triton Low Profile

With the Triton Low Profile, you can benefit from the dynamic response and flexibility of the Triton feet when the structural height available to integrate the foot is limited. Using a titanium adapter and corrosion-resistant screws makes the foot extremely resilient as well as water-resistant.

Triton Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty offers a higher load limit for very active users. Ottobock recommends the highly robust Heavy Duty for extreme occupational and recreational requirements, in case of contact with water or moisture, and for high loads. Non-corrosive metal parts and screws make this foot water-resistant as well.

Recommended knee components

For transfemoral amputees, Ottobock recommends the Triton in combination with the C-Leg and Genium. The microprocessor-controlled knee joints are suitable for active users and support the natural gait pattern down to the details. This is made possible by the latest computer, sensor and control technology. As a result, the knee joints respond intelligently to a wide variety of everyday situations.




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