Upper limb prosthetics system overview

An amputation is a major change for you and your family. We want to be your trusted companion along the way. Our goal is to show you that losing part of your mobility is not the end. Modern prostheses restore mobility and freedom of movement. You will see that you can continue to master your life – day-to-day, in recreational activities and at work – with a good fitting.

Genium X3 - bionic prosthetic system

The Axon-Bus prosthesis system with the Michelangelo Hand restores numerous functions of the natural hand with various gripping options.


MyoFacil prosthetic hand

The MyoFacil hand prosthesis is ideal for an initial myoelectric fitting. It constitutes a solid basic fitting and therefore provides a great deal of freedom of movement.


Myoelectric prosthetic hand systems

Combined with myoelectric arm prostheses, the SensorHand Speed and VariPlus Speed prosthetic hands make it possible to hold objects, grasp and be active.


DynamicArm transhumeral prosthesis

The DynamicArm elbow joint makes virtually natural movements possible with its special technology. We recommend combining it with the SensorHand Speed.


Prosthesis gloves

Prosthesis gloves help harmoniously integrate the prosthesis into the overall body image. The glove also protects the mechanics of the prosthetic hand.


Silicone finger and partial hand prostheses

Silicone partial hand prostheses not only expand the gripping options of the affected hand but can be deceivingly natural in their design.