DynamicArm transhumeral prosthesis

The dynamic and powerful elbow joint

Benefits at a glance

Secure hold

The integrated Autograsp feature of the SensorHand Speed helps you when an object you are holding starts to slip. The gripping force is increased in fractions of a second until the grasped object is in a safe position again.

Quick reflexes

At maximum speed, the SensorHand Speed opens and closes three times as fast as comparable electric hands. With a proportional speed of up to 300 mm per second, you are even able to react quickly while grasping.

Controlling forces

The gripping speed and gripping force are continuously monitored by two measuring systems and controlled in proportion to the muscle signals. Even difficult tasks such as grasping a tomato or other delicate objects do not pose a problem.

Natural dynamics

The DynamicArm prevents unnatural and jerky movements. The beginning of a movement is always controlled, and it is gently slowed at the end – just like the human arm.

Relaxed walking

An electronically controlled flexion aid supports flexion of the elbow joint. When the forearm swings freely while walking, this movement is naturally slowed. This is done discreetly and without sound.

Prosthesis gloves

The Skin Natural prosthesis gloves in 6 colours protect against dirt and dust. Their multilayer structure gives an appearance of depth. The outer, translucent layer simulates the natural vein structure of human skin.

Rotating the wrist unit

You can rotate the wrist unit to the inside and outside without the help of the other hand. This is controlled by your muscle signals.

Flowing movements

With the DynamicArm, you can perform more than one movement at a time – flexing the arm, rotating the wrist unit and grasping an object with the hand.


Prosthesis training

The important prosthesis training phase begins for you once you have been fitted with a prosthesis. Making it possible for you to use the prosthesis so it actually helps you in your daily life is the goal. At the outset, an occupational therapist helps you practice movement patterns such as eating or getting dressed. With special exercises, you learn to position the prosthesis correctly to achieve an optimum position for grasping. Once you are sufficiently confident in using your prosthesis, you practice controlling your muscle strength. Items like foam rubber, drinking straws or paper cups help you determine the various amounts of pressure your muscle contractions can produce, and how this affects materials and solidity.

Technical information


The myoelectrically controlled DynamicArm responds to the respective muscle signals of the wearer. Thanks to the integrated electric motor, it also adapts to various loads automatically. With your muscle strength, you therefore continuously regulate the speed of your movements supported by the quiet vario-drive. Combined with a controller, which ensures the controlled acceleration of the DynamicArm at the start of a movement and soft deceleration at the end, movement patterns similar to the dynamic response of a human arm are achieved for the first time.

The flexion aid stores energy that is released when the forearm is lowered and then uses it when lifting the arm back up. This has a noticeable impact on energy consumption by the prosthesis: even with more intensive use, the permanently installed lithium-ion battery guarantees strong performance all day. The flexion aid also ensures the harmonious free swing of the arm. Your movements are natural as a result – without additional energy consumption or bothersome noises.

Care instructions

Ottobock Skin Natural gloves:

Cleaning the glove with water and soap is recommended for daily care. A special outer layer reduces the gloves' susceptibility to soiling and simplifies cleaning. If water and soap are insufficient, a special cleaner (640F12) with a pump sprayer (640F13) can be used. Please also note the specific care instructions of the special cleaner.




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